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Lost Without LOST

*note – contains spoilers. From…two seasons ago.

Every available season of LOST, in order, was at the top of my Blockbuster queue and as I would watch a DVD I would package it up in its pre-paid envelope and get it in the damn mailbox. Then I would ration my episodes (it’s 4 per DVD) until the next disk arrived. On the weekends I would easily watch 8 hours of LOST at a time.

Last night I watched the season finale of Season 3. OMFG!!1! JACK! The drinking! And attempted suicide!! And wanting to go back to the island and all the flying! Meeting KATE!! AHHH And she says “He’ll be wondering where I am” WHO?? Is it Sawyer?? WTF?!! And Charlie’s DEAD! And did Locke stay or did he get rescued?? Do Desmond and Penney ever frickin find each other again? And where’s Ben and OMFG Season 4 doesn’t come out on DVD until Dec 9 and that is just CRUEL!!

Now there are a bunch of movies in my queue. Pfftt. Movies shmovies. I miss LOST.

P.S. So help me god if anyone comments with any spoilers from Season 4 I will scour your I.P. address, hunt you down, and go Sayeed on your ass.



Last night while fully wide awake and sober I fell UP the stairs on the way to the bathroom. Fell UP the stairs. Like, faceplant, hands out in front of me. Fortunately I didn’t pee my pants. Unfortunately, there was no one else there to laugh heartily with me over this. Kima simply rolled her eyes at me.

Anyway, that’s not the kind of fall I was talking about it. Autumn. At 65 degrees today I am officially declaring it cold. Like, I wish I had worn a warmer sweater, cold. Like, I really have to go to the gym after work but all I want to do is go home and put on slippers and watch tv under a blanket, cold.

Sadly, I really do have to go to the gym after work. I was marvelling this morning and just how different my body looks now compared to six weeks ago, although the numbers on the scale have barely moved. Also, my mid-section has particularly leaned out (with still a little fat around the belly button, but still) and I can see my abs pretty clearly now and my arms have certainly leaned out a bit but my hips and legs…good lord. They’ve changed a tad, but not much. Not enough. Not NEARLY enough. ‘Tis frustrating. I am impatient.

And hungry.

And tired.

That is all.

It’s Possible We Should Really Schedule A Vacation

Email conversation that just occurred. I swear to god, verbatim:

Amyella: now? i go home?

Tink: yes ma’am.  now you go home. i have been trying to convince my friend jen all day i a cat. i like cheese and dental floss.  i a cat.

A: i a dog. i eats peanut butters from da jar.

T: you is you is!!!!!!!!!!

Protected: I Will Deny That I Ever Said This

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Protected: My Friends Don’t Judge My Self Destructive Behavior

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Protected: Maybe I’m A Vampire

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Dear Junior,

Goodbye, baby boy. Mommy loves you and misses you.

Loves and kisses and bacon,

Mommy xoxo

Junior, 1994-2008

I prefer to remember him this way



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