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It’s Only Funny To Us

Day 151 Nice Thing: I love inside jokes and banter.


I Enjoy The Company As Much As The Sun

Day 150 Nice Thing: I do miss the beach but nothing beats laying by the pool with a hot man.

Always A Good Thing

Day 149 Nice Thing: People at work think I’m smart.

And I Even Left Half!

Day 148 Nice Thing: An evening home alone with a bottle of wine is now a fun night!

Because I’m Apparently A Little Left Of Normal

Day 147 Nice Thing: I am not nervous at all!

It’s Time To Show Her Who’s Boss

Day 146 Nice Thing: Oh she WILL be walking calmly on a leash!

This Picture Probably Only Say 100 Words, But It’ll Have To Do

I was considering writing a real post, but I’m too excited to get out of here today and get started on my Very Important Things such as grilling, laying by the pool, and kissing.

To make up for it, I give you this:

Day 145 Nice Thing:   ♥ <— does that count as a nice thing?



Amyella (pronounced Amy-ella) is a pseudonym for Amy Levitt, a fitness and health food fanatic and a beach girl at heart. She has been sharing her sometimes nonsensical thoughts and self-amusing stories online since 2002 and currently spends a good deal of her time wrangling her 90 pound Rottweiler and 60 pound Boxer. Which is quite a show.
The origin of the name Amyella.

Here's my deal. It's wicked exciting!


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