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EAS Myoplex Deluxe Nutrition Shake

Any of you use EAS Myoplex Deluxe? I have a box that still has 12 packets of the “Chocolate Cream” flavor and I’ll never use them! Here are the stats:

Per Packet:

320 calories
4 g fat
27 g carb
8 g fiber
53 g protein

You can google is to look up allll the stats for the various vitamins and minerals added.

If you’re interested I’ll send them to you for just the cost of shipping. Let me know.



The Weekend Of FAIL

Let me tell you about my weekend. The weekend that was supposed to be spent in Massachusetts, with the Herd. The weekend that was supposed to be the first trip that HP and I took together. The weekend of FAIL.

A cab picked us up Thursday at 5:10 for our 6:45 flight (the airport is about 3 miles away), we arrived with plenty of time, checked our bags and headed to the gate. The boards indicated that the flight was on time and we thought we had a big win because our gate was directly across from the bar. We sat and had a drink, watching the board which kept saying that the flight was on time. At about 5:45 we noticed that they weren’t showing our flight listed at the gate anymore and, assuming we had a gate change (how cute of us!), HP went to check the board to get the new gate information. The flight was canceled because of bad weather in Boston. We saw the line growing for customer service as everyone was trying to get rescheduled on the next flight. So we looked at the board to see when the next flight was (10:00 that night) and went directly to that gate. The gentleman there explained that the flight was full and there were already 20 people on the standby list.  Fuck that noise. We re-booked on the next available flight – Friday afternoon at 12:15.

We went down to baggage claim (because we had checked our bags) and asked for our bags to be pulled so they wouldn’t go to Boston, we wanted to have our stuff that night. The woman said ok but it would take a couple hours, to come back at about 10. We took a cab home and drank a bottle of wine, chuckling at our crazy misfortune, changing the arrangements with the dog sitter, rental car company, and lunch plans with my family for Friday. We figured out how to cram in all of our original visits in a shorter period of time and had a few more drinks. Then we called another cab to come get us to go back to the airport to get our bags…which never got pulled and were already in Boston.

That was a frustrating conversation with the same woman who personally took our information and promised to have our bags pulled. She explained “sometimes they don’t get the message.” And then HP punched her in the face. Metaphorically, of course.

So another cab ride home, feeling frustrated, but whatever right? Friday morning we got up and went to CVS to buy makeup for me and a toothbrush for him. We showered and got ready, this time driving ourselves to the airport. All online information said the flight was on time, everything was good to go.

We got to the gate (right next to the one from the night before), still said on time, and grabbed some lunch and a drink at the bar. Then we heard the announcement that our plane was supposed to come from Chicago, which was having weather problems. We were delayed. Then delayed again, then delayed again. Finally we got in line for customer service to find out just what was going on- there were about 15 people in front of us. All of a sudden they announced that flight was also canceled! Then about 60 people flooded customer service behind us. Took another hour or so to get through the line. Next flight out: Saturday. We were supposed to leave Sunday morning. So we bagged the whole trip, they refunded our money.

Now we had to deal with our bags that were in Boston already. Customer service sent us back down to baggage claim (where we had experienced such competence the night before!) We had to fill out a form to put in a formal request to have them flown back. At this point we were pretty much losing it – it was about 3 in the afternoon and were OVER being at the airport. We were told they’d call us when the bags arrived and we’d have to come back to Dulles baggage  claim to get them. We made bets on how many days it would be before we saw any of our belongings again.

We finally left the airport paying for our parking ticket inside at the machine (like you’re supposed to), waited for a shuttle to take us to the truck, and got in exhausted. As we were attempting to exit I put the paid ticket in at the exit gate and it said “processing error”. I tried again. It said “processing error”. I tried one more time and this time the machine just laughed at me and gave me the finger. At this point there was a line of cars behind us and the gate won’t open. We had to get everyone to back up so we could go through the booth with the person. The guy retrieved my ticket and took 15 minutes to figure it out, never saying a single word to us. We just sat there stewing in what was becoming a mounting rage of frustration. Finally the gate opened, I screamed out of there (hitting the curb on the way out, oops) and drove in silence on the way to the mall so HP could get a clean shirt.

Done with the mall, we finally headed home.

At this point in the day my realtor has been calling me for the past six hours leaving messages that there’s an URGENT piece of paper that MUST be signed and faxed back TODAY. When we get back from the mall I log into my email and look at the form. It’s one release form (that I’ve signed a billion times). But…my printer is broken. I can’t print it. I call the realtor and she explains that THE PLANET WILL EXPLODE IF YOU DO NOT SIGN AND FAX THIS PAPER TOOOOODAAAAYYYYY. THE FATE OF HUMANITY RESTS ON THE SIGNING OF THIS RELEASE FORM.

Defeated, I went to Staples and bought a printer. I was not polite to the check out clerk who left me waiting at the register for 10 minutes. I finally got the printer home and took it out of the box so I could set it up and save the world by printing my release form.

The printer is missing a piece.

And then I died.

You’ll be proud to learn that I never curled into fetal position and cried for my mommy. Instead, I downloaded the form onto a jump drive, took it to Kinkos, printed it, signed it, faxed it.

While I was there I got a call that our luggage had arrived at the airport (it’s about 9:00 now). I got home, we showered and got dressed for dinner and a movie and decided to go pick up the luggage after that.

We went to dinner and then headed across the street to the movie theater. The theater had a blown speaker that crackled all through the previews. Someone went to complain to management and returned saying that they claimed it would be fixed for the movie.

The movie starts and we immediately learn that they “fixed” the blown speaker by turning off the surround sound so the sound is only coming from the front speakers. MOVIE THEATER FAIL. We got a refund and went to pick up our luggage.

Then we went home and drank more.

You might be pleased to learn that the rest of the weekend was actually pretty great. We returned the printer, went shooting, went to see the movie at a different theater, got in a great workout at the gym, and met up with my cousin and aunt for dinner.

Perhaps later I will tell you some tales from people watching at the airport, but for now I’m simply exhausted just re-counting that tale.

Because They Have No Concept Of Time


Headed out this evening to visit the Herd as well as get to see my dad, grandfather and sister. We also get to see HP’s grandfather and aunt, so it is going to be a very busy weekend!

Only packing one pair of gym clothes and if we actually get in our one planned workout I’ll be impressed. We’ve got a pool party to go to on Friday night, at which time we’ll be freezing our balls off because I don’t think it’s even going to hit 70 degrees all weekend. Saturday is a BBQ up in Maine.

The doggies have a sitter for the weekend and, as HP pointed out, I’m pretty sure they’ll forget about us five minutes after we’re gone. When we come back they’ll be all “OH HAI WAS YOU IN THE OTHER ROOM?”

Clearing Out

Ok, so here’s the deal. I’ve kind of given up on the nice things. I really like the idea, I just can’t bring myself to blog every day anymore. Please feel free to berate me for my “giving up”, “quitting”, etc.

Once your done with that, let me tell you about my surroundings right now: kitchen appliances are everywhere, boxes of glassware/stemware are everywhere, large green trashbags filled with items for donation, everywhere. I’ve sold just a couple of things on craigslist, have posted a bunch more, ebay listed a couple small things, and at this point I’m just ready to GIVE EVERYTHING AWAY I DONT WANT TO LOOK AT IT ANYMORE.

In four days HP and I will be on a plane headed to Massachusetts for three days of Herd and family whirlwind. Here’s hoping the weather holds out at least for Friday night’s pool party!

Kima is lying on the floor right now in a post-Easton hangover. I’m pretty sure that tearing up the carpet is as exhausting as it looks. I cannot wait for them to have each other to keep themselves entertained 24/7.

Oh, and in case your hot-vampires-fucking radar is on the fritz: TRUE BLOOD SEASON PREMIERE TONIGHT

I Got It!

That’s right bitches!! My facebook username is amyella!!



Another whirlwind weekend coming to a close. I’m telling you, they go by way too quickly these days. Way too quickly!

It’s after 9 and I just now got my meatballs in the oven so I have something to eat for lunch this week. In a couple of months I’ll have more time to get this kind of stuff done. Right now we’re trying to pack so much into a weekend!

Friday night I pulled out a bunch of stuff from the cabinets and took pictures to list on either Craigslist or ebay. I am getting rid of a lot of kitchen stuff and I’m actually glad. No need to keep moving this stuff! Overall, I think I’ve got a mental note on everything that’s being sold/donated, boxed for storage, or coming to the new place. As I go room by room in my head, it doesn’t seem too overwhelming. And let’s face it, at this point I’m kind of a pro at moving.

Saturday was HP’s inaugural session of putting Kima in the cage. Just, wow. People, my man is a big guy with a great, strong body. After a good ten minutes trying to get her in the cage by himself he came out of the bedroom and looked at me. “Baby, I can’t do it. She’s not going in.” He just needed a breather, however, and me to help with the luring.  He was able to pick her up and get her in.

I was actually kinda pleased he had trouble at first. I know when I told him over the phone that I couldn’t do it he thought I was being wussy, probably having more trouble emotionally rather than physically. I was vindicated! Huzzah!

[I’ve read all the information on crate training an adult dog, and I went through all the steps as outlined. Believe me, she wasn’t going to warm up to the idea of going in on her own, no way no how. Please keep your assvice to yourself.]

Last night we went to the Nationals game – neither of us had been to Nationals Park before and I was pretty impressed. We had a great time, woke up hungover as shit and managed to have a really unproductive day. I never made it to the gym and I was so wiped out I fell asleep and napped. ME! Napping!

The one thing that we did get to do today was go see the movie Up in 3D. Go. Just, go. Trust me. It was phenomenal. The story was adorable (and yes, I CRIED during a Pixar movie. I am such a fucking girl sometimes) and the animation and 3D was absolutely astounding.

Plus there were so many yoggies in the movie! Cute, animated yoggies! Including a Rottweiler! I’m pretty sure I squealed when he first came on the screen.

Day 158 Nice Thing: I’m such a dork, but in a good way. I think.

For Different Reasons This Time

Day 157 Nice Thing: I’m excited to go home in a couple of weeks.



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