Since No One In The Metro DC Area Has Anything Else To Talk About: Snow

Yes, I’m sure you’ve all heard: it’s the first snow of the season in these here parts and, um, it’s a lot of snow. A couple feet of snow. The sky opened up started throwing out snow at 9:00 last night and it literally has not stopped since. Not even to catch its breath or anything!  We took the dogs for their last walk of the night fairly early while there were only a couple of inches accumulated.

I fell twice, handed my leash over to HP and it goes without saying that I will not be walking them alone until the weather eases up a bit. In fact, I may not be walking them at all and just tagging along for moral support.

See, here’s the thing. My dog, the Rottweiler? She’s 83 pounds. Small by breed standards, yes, but she’s 83 pounds of pure muscle. She’s 27 inches tall and she’s powerful as hell. Easton is tiny for a Boxer, he’s 56 pounds but that doesn’t mean that he can’t knock me to my butt when he pulls (It was his leash I was holding last night in the two inches of snow when I went down.) Normally I walk them alone first thing in the morning, HP gets them mid-day, we both take them in the evening, and then HP takes them for the last walk of the night sometime after 10. It’s a good mix for us because I loathe the late night walk and he loathes and early morning walk. The problem is that I kind of suck at walking them alone. When they’re good, and the weather is nice, and there are NO OTHER DOGS OR HUMANS AROUND it’s easy peasy. They’re both well behaved, for the most part, and walk nicely. However. If they decide they want to investigate a person or dog I am fucked.

One bright, weekend morning this summer during our morning walk there was a middle aged couple about 12 feet away who was SO EXCITED to see them. “Can we pet the dogs, oh my gosh we love dogs! They’re so pretty they’re so good!” The dogs sensed the excitement and it was all over for me…my face hit the sidewalk so fast I didn’t see it coming and they just straight up dragged me for three yards. Aside from being embarrassing, it was a little scary. Thankfully they were headed for the love and affection of two welcoming people and not trying attack some frisky canine, but still.

On a dark, rainy morning in early fall I was out with them and we happened upon a woman walking her dog about 20 feet away. I was going to turn and take Kima and Easton in another direction, but the woman’s dog was rambunctious and instigated a greeting. My dogs went for it and in the slick grass without traction I was doubly fucked: I ended up in a water skiing position with my two dogs pulling me and me finally sitting my ass on the ground while they pulled me the last dozen feet. I screamed, “OH SHIIIIIIIIIT!” It was involuntary. You would’ve screamed it too.

Also, both of these incidents occurred while Kima had her choke collar on. In fact, she never, ever gets walked without the choke collar because she is just that strong. I ASSURE you that it doesn’t hurt her. In a zillion years I would never consider the collar if it caused her one bit of pain. The goal is that at a certain point (the point where she is MISBEHAVING) that it causes her discomfort. At least enough for me to reign her in.

(It doesn’t really work that well, but it’s monumentally better than me trying to walk the two of them and not have the choke collar on her.)

Basically, I am terrified of the equation SNOW + MY DOGS + JUST ME = PAIN, CONFUSION, BROKEN PHALANGES.

Of course they seem pretty pleased by the whole thing.

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2 Responses to “Since No One In The Metro DC Area Has Anything Else To Talk About: Snow”

  1. 1 Dog Person December 20, 2009 at 10:22 am

    You are unable to walk both dogs at the same time and really should consider only taking them one at a time. They deserve to be safe as do you and other animals and people. It is clear you are not strong enough and your dogs do not respect your commands under certain circumstances. You could work with them more on that but you really should have them out one at a time. That is very common and you shouldn’t think less of yourself. How would you feel if you fell and one of the dogs got loose and was hit by a car or a child ran away in fear and was hit by a car? Also some people do much better with choke chains when they use a much shorter leash…about 2 feet long. This will enable you to jerk the dogs collar and prevent him from doing what he pleases while ignoring your command. The purpose is to prevent an incident before it occurs. it is clear that you are not successful in restraining your dog(s) and there is still some room for tweaking in your routine. My comment is not meant to be offensive. Take from it what you will. Good luck with the dog blog too. That sounds interesting.

  2. 2 amyella December 20, 2009 at 11:40 am


    Thanks for the tips, Dog Person!

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