Everybody Hates That Guy

Gooood morning, y'all!

I have approximately 7,000 emails to create, test, and launch in Eloqua this morning but before I get to all that I thought I'd give you some blog lovin'.

We had dinner with my cousin, her husband, and the baby last night. I don't know what happens at that 3 month mark, but my baaaaaabeeeee is already looking like a little boy!! So alert, looking around and reacting, and holy hell those CHEEKS! I nibbled on his cheeks for dessert. They were delicious. They are coming over this weekend to watch the playoffs and join us in some Beatles Rock Band so I will have an entire afternoon of babylicious. Yum.

This morning I witnessed the following things on I-395:
-a beat up, windowless van that looked like it could very well be in the high ranks of an "I'm the guy your mother warned you about" operation
-the vanity license plate MATH PHD. It's true that women cannot resist a man with a PhD in math. Way to go, dude!
-a gentleman who may have been practicing for the Olympic event of nose picking

Also this morning I was the accidental asshole. I had just begun my drive and approached the main left turn off our side street and was greeting to flowing traffic right through the green light. With no hint of a back up I followed through the intersection, with the light still green, and without warning found myself at the tail end of a clusterfuck of traffic. I didn't see it coming, but cars were backed up from the next light and I was stuck dead in the middle of the intersection just knowing that the lights were going to turn and I was going to be that asshole trying to make my left turn but stuck in the middle of the road, blocking the flow of traffic.

I was totally THAT guy – that asshole. But it was an accident! As cars were trying to maneuver around me and I desperately hoped the light ahead would change so I could AT LEAST GET INTO A LANE, ASSHOLE I wanted to explain to every irritated driver around me that I KNOW I KNOW! I agree with you! I didn't mean to! I'm the asshole but it was an accident! I thought commiserating with the commuters around me by honking the horn at myself, flipping myself off angrily, and making an overly exaggerated gesture of shrugging my shoulder with a look on my face as if to say "What was I thinking?!"

But that would've just made me the crazy asshole.

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1 Response to “Everybody Hates That Guy”

  1. 1 Who Is This Writer? January 7, 2010 at 2:34 am

    I love the idea of flipping yourself off. I’m going to give it a shot the next time I’m THAT guy.

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