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Clearly I’ve Grown As A Person

I was forced to go to lunch with my co-worker yesterday for a business lunch. I say “forced” because I don’t generally go out for lunch. Ever. I pack my lunch every day and I like it that way. Don’t get me wrong, I like her very much and find her quite competent, albeit a bit green, but  I’d rather spend an hour reading food and fitness blogs than chatting about nothingness with the girl I spend 8 hours a day with.

Despite her 84 pound frame (that is not hyperbole. She is 5’6″ and weighs 84 pounds) she ordered her usual: shrimp alfredo pasta, garlic bread, Caesar salad and juice. I ordered a Greek salad, vinaigrette on the side, and water. When I plopped my crumpled napkin from my lap to my empty-except-for-a-few-big-chunks-of-feta plate to indicate I was finished she turned to me and said, “Oh! I guess you liked it! You cleared your plate!”

And I didn’t even shred her face to dangly, melty strands of bloody flesh with the tines of my fork! I call that “personal growth”.


This Calls For Soup

I started to type out the recipe for this wonderful, comforting, and healthy soup that I’m eating but then I felt like a dork: it’s soup. Just delicious soup. I’m sure you have your own delicious soup recipe.

I am officially OVER the winter weather, the icy walkways that never seem to melt, almost falling and breaking my back every time I walk the dogs. I’m OVER not being able to just run out the door to hit the gym. Mostly I’m just OVER where we live. I keep reminding myself that it’s only five more months. No more apartment living in just five more months. I can survive FIVE MORE MONTHS.

Aside from working on a holiday I did get one small thing accomplished this weekend:

It’s just…here. For now. But hey, it’s something.

I’m Drawn To Extreme

I’d rather just watch the winter X-games but HP is watching Canada’s opening ceremonies. While I admit the whales and the salmon are pretty cool effects, I’m finding–for the most part–these opening ceremonies are BORING AS FUCK. FOR REALS, YO. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? If Donald Sutherland says that the air speaks to him one more time I might punch myself in the face.

I’m not impressed.

Maybe I’m just a tough critic. Or an asshole. Either way, I need more wine to make this tolerable.

Valentine’s Dinner and Snow Pants

For the record, I totally counted the three hours of shoveling our cars from under 30 inches of snow as my workout on Sunday. My back, shoulders, and abs agreed with me.

So speaking of THIRTY INCHES OF SNOW PLUS ANOTHER FOOT PROJECTED FOR TONIGHT I really don’t have the proper attire for this weather. Meaning, I ain’t got no snow pants. And I need ’em. Being broke sucks ass, however, and since my debit card was rejected at the grocery store last week due to lack of funds – and THAT wasn’t embarrassing at all – I can’t really justify the expense. But! I went through my closet and managed to find some perfectly excellent items that have just barely been used (from back in the day when  I could buy things on a whim) and listed them on ebay. So when those ebay items sell I’ll go ahead and purchase, from ebay, some perfectly wonderful snow-proof snow pants. I R GEENIUS.

For Valentine’s Day I suggested I make a special dinner, whatever HP wanted. And he didn’t even pause to think about it before blurting out LASAGNA.

So, lasagna with a side of his favorite: Caesar Salad and I’m still deciding on dessert. Brownie Pudding or Cookie Dough Truffles? I just can’t decide.

And now that I’ve probably gained five pounds just writing out that menu I need to get started on my very lean, light and healthy soup I’m craving for dinner. Who doesn’t love golf ball sized 99% lean meatballs simmered in broth with veggies?





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