Do You Know What Would Be Awesome? A Topic.

I have no idea what I want to write about but it feels better when I blog so I’m giving it a go. Kind of like – you know that process of just sitting and writing, but not thinking? You just let your hand move and eventually words come out? What is that called?

Don’t you hate it when a part of your brain melts for no reason and you can’t think of a word or term? And it’s a word or a term that you know, but you can’t think of it? And then you feel stupid? Like – that psychic SLASH military thing where they warp people’s minds to be able to see stuff? Like from far away, they sit in a room and then they become psychic and can see stuff in another place? What is that called?

Remote viewing!

Why do I always forget what that’s called? Why do some words phrases constantly melt from your brain, no matter how many times you remind yourself of it? I’ve had to look up Remote Viewing, like, a zillion times because I can never remember what it’s called. Hmm. Why am I trying to recall Remote Viewing so often?

Anyway, my point was – sort of – that I had no idea what I was going to write about, I was just going to sit down and start typing.

Well that turned out to be a great idea, didn’t it?


1 Response to “Do You Know What Would Be Awesome? A Topic.”

  1. 1 travelshoesdogsrandom March 3, 2010 at 2:10 pm

    I always do the same thing with the word “ambitious.” No idea why, but at least every couple of months I’ll want to express that concept using my WORDS – like a big girl – and I’ll catch myself saying, “You know, what is it when someone tries to do something BIG, like maybe BIGGER than they can manage, sets a difficult goal or maybe bites off more than they can chew ? They’re attmepting something really hard ? What is that word, again ?”

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