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Another whirlwind weekend coming to a close. I’m telling you, they go by way too quickly these days. Way too quickly!

It’s after 9 and I just now got my meatballs in the oven so I have something to eat for lunch this week. In a couple of months I’ll have more time to get this kind of stuff done. Right now we’re trying to pack so much into a weekend!

Friday night I pulled out a bunch of stuff from the cabinets and took pictures to list on either Craigslist or ebay. I am getting rid of a lot of kitchen stuff and I’m actually glad. No need to keep moving this stuff! Overall, I think I’ve got a mental note on everything that’s being sold/donated, boxed for storage, or coming to the new place. As I go room by room in my head, it doesn’t seem too overwhelming. And let’s face it, at this point I’m kind of a pro at moving.

Saturday was HP’s inaugural session of putting Kima in the cage. Just, wow. People, my man is a big guy with a great, strong body. After a good ten minutes trying to get her in the cage by himself he came out of the bedroom and looked at me. “Baby, I can’t do it. She’s not going in.” He just needed a breather, however, and me to help with the luring.  He was able to pick her up and get her in.

I was actually kinda pleased he had trouble at first. I know when I told him over the phone that I couldn’t do it he thought I was being wussy, probably having more trouble emotionally rather than physically. I was vindicated! Huzzah!

[I’ve read all the information on crate training an adult dog, and I went through all the steps as outlined. Believe me, she wasn’t going to warm up to the idea of going in on her own, no way no how. Please keep your assvice to yourself.]

Last night we went to the Nationals game – neither of us had been to Nationals Park before and I was pretty impressed. We had a great time, woke up hungover as shit and managed to have a really unproductive day. I never made it to the gym and I was so wiped out I fell asleep and napped. ME! Napping!

The one thing that we did get to do today was go see the movie Up in 3D. Go. Just, go. Trust me. It was phenomenal. The story was adorable (and yes, I CRIED during a Pixar movie. I am such a fucking girl sometimes) and the animation and 3D was absolutely astounding.

Plus there were so many yoggies in the movie! Cute, animated yoggies! Including a Rottweiler! I’m pretty sure I squealed when he first came on the screen.

Day 158 Nice Thing: I’m such a dork, but in a good way. I think.


For Different Reasons This Time

Day 157 Nice Thing: I’m excited to go home in a couple of weeks.

Each For Different Reasons

Day 156 Nice Thing: I’m proud of my friends.

These Are Getting Really Cumbersome

Day 155 Nice Thing: I’m determined to finish.

And By This, I Mean THIS

People, I can’t even believe that it’s June already. I know it’s annoying when people say “this year is flying by” or “time goes so much faster the older you get” or whatever the hell other cliche. But guess what? Yeah, you know…

Well it IS June, and that’s a fact and I have no problem with how fast this year seems to be going by. I’m enjoying every moment of every day right now and that’s all that matters.

So what’s new? Well, we’re working on Kima’s manners for one. I got her a training collar and she’s responding pretty well to it. I kept having these visions of me at 6:00 in the morning trying to take both Kima and Easton out for a walk, getting them on leashes and then attempting to walk down three flights of stairs. No. Just…no. Seriously, even WITH the training collar on, Kima STILL pulls hard enough sometimes to knock me over. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t trade that girl for anything in the world and I mean that wholeheartedly, but damn sometimes I wonder what the hell I was thinking when I decided I wanted a Rottweiler. Dude.

I’ve also sort of, a little bit, kind of tried crate training her. So far I can sum that up thusly:


HP is going to have to get involved there. I’m out.

So it looks like I’m going to be able to get out of my lease a month early and next weekend, well, I’m going to just spill the beans here, HP and I are going to sign the leasing papers. We move into our new place on August 1st.

I am outrageously excited and if my tone here doesn’t reflect that, well, then it’s just because I’ve run out of adjectives and I’m too lazy to open up the thesaurus. I don’t know how else to say it, but: happy, elated, excited, ecstatic, smiley, giddy, good, great, excellent, exceptional. You get the idea, right?  Good.

In two weeks we’re heading up to MA to see the Herd. So far I believe there is a pool party planned one night and a BBQ the next. Methinks good times will be had by all.

Ugh, I have a lot of topics rolling around in my head but I’m not entirely sure the best way to get them all out there. A quote from the movie we saw last weekend keeps jostling through my brain, and, yeah, it was kind of a cheesy line but it struck me nonetheless. I don’t think I can let it out just yet, but maybe soon. I don’t have the right words in the right order and even in my head it sounds messy, but I’m trying to organize the thought. It’s a little deeper than I’ve been in a while. Bear with me, it’s percolating.

I wish I had some good stories for you, IIFs, but I really don’t. Life is happening and it’s really phenomenal and, people, This is exactly what was supposed to happen. Does that make sense? It doesn’t matter if it does. Just trust me on this one.

Day 154 Nice Thing: Follow my optimism on this one. It’s been right every time so far.

I Can’t Tell

Day 153 Nice Thing: Um, I’m still writing these silly nice things even though I have wicked writer’s  block. Is that a nice thing or not?

Cleaning Out!

Day 152 Nice Thing: I love getting rid of stuff!



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