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Backyards and Basements

I am woefully behind in updating you in the fascinating goings on of my life!

Let’s see…what have you missed?





Well, this weekend we submitted an application for a townhouse, which is exciting because — perhaps you’ve heard — I’m looking forward to a BACKYARD. And while I have seen some postings for single family houses, which would be preferable, this townhouse is about as low as rent is ever going to get. WIN.

There’s absolutely no reason that I can think of that our application would get denied, but I will spare showing too much excitement (2.5 miles from the gym! Walking distance to Target! And a park!) until things are a more concrete.

Our friend Sandy graduated Saturday on her birthday and it’s not every day that you get a Master’s degree and turn a year older at the same time. What to do? Oh right – celebrate heartily! We joined her family and other close friends for dinner, and then sauntered into a bar in Arlington where, as the DD, I drank diet coke and watched everyone else imbibe beer and booze. I lost a game of shuffleboard but won a turn in basketball.

This weekend was fantastic with my aunt visiting and staying with us a couple of nights, and having a family supper yesterday. While my aunt, cousin, the baby, and I were all sitting at the table with bellies full of pasta, homemade meatballs, and salad and the three men were in the living room watching sports I was immediately transported to my youth. Big family suppers with varying generations.

I’d be willing to bet that my Nana stopped by at some point yesterday. I’d also be willing to bet that she was pretty pleased.




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